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GFQM - NOLA - Ep 36 "Family"

Greetings, From Queer Mountain is a monthly LGBTQ storytelling showcase started in Austin and now featured every second Friday of the month in New Orleans at The Theatre at Allways. Our show is full of fabulous! Featuring the best storytellers from all across the land! Come join us for stories that will make you laugh, cry, ponder the meaning of life and make that drink taste even sweeter. 

Our theme this month is family. Who do you consider your family? What makes them family? Come celebrate our Three Year Anniversary with our lovely storytellers. We will be in the front lounge of Allways instead of the back theater (Acrocats get the theater for December and we don't want to interfere with those mighty talents)

Line up:
- Liberaunchy Liberaunchy
- Aldo Martinez
- Adrienne Liege
- Frederick Charles Mead
- Xander Bilyk
- Katie Perry
- Alex Zemanovic

and more!

Hosted by Amanda G.

Show is $5 you can get tickets via Eventbrite (small service fee) or at the door (no service fee).

We also have a podcast called Near and Queer to My Heart where we get to know our storytellers beyond the mountain. Check it out at: Near and Queer to My Heart or on iTunes, I Heart Radio and Spotify.