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Established in April of 2013 by hosts Ralphie Hardesty and Micheal Foulk, Greetings, from Queer Mountain has produced 60 regular monthly episodes as well as several festival events with Fun Fun Fun Fest, Sound On Sound Fest, Outsider Festival, and SXSW. Catch these free show the last Wednesday (usually) of every month at Cheer Up Charlie's in Austin's Red River District. Feel free to reach out to us on our Facebook page linked below. 

As a queer performer, Iā€™m always trying to calibrate my viewpoint with how the mainstream culture sees me. GFQM gives me a safe space to speak about myself and figure out new ways to express myself.
— Carina Magyar - Comedian and Author

Ralphie Hardesty

Ralphie Hardesty is a standup comedian and current host of GFQM - Austin, and he co-founded Queer Mountain with Micheal Foulk. As a comedian, Ralphie performs regularly with Master Pancake Theater and at comedy clubs in Austin. Hardesty is a veteran of many festivals around the country, and you probably missed his TV appearances unless you watch a lot of PBS or the Ovation Network, which is a real thing. However, Ralphie is most proud of the successes around Greetings From Queer Mountain and the communities and people who lend their talents to the show.