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Queer Film Theory 101

Queer Film Theory 101 is a film and comedy lecture series focused on dissecting heteronormative films of our youths and pointing out the hidden queer narratives. Basically, we ruin films for straight people and yell about the characters that made us feel gay. It's fun! This show is currently running at Alamo Drafthouse in Austin and Brooklyn. For more info about Austin or New York visit the Facebook pages linked above.


Mike Graupmann

Mike Graupmann is a corporate slave by day but an emcee, storyteller and movie lover by night. He is the producer and co-host of Austin's Queer Film Theory 101, which happens on the first Wednesday of every month at the Alamo Drafthouse - Mueller's Barrel o' Fun! He also co-parents Daniel the Most Beautiful Pug in the Universe, and Charlie the Basset Hound Who Climbs Trees!