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GFQM - ATX - Ep 67 "Ungrateful"

Hello again, queermounties! This month's Greetings from Queer Mountain is back to its original date & time, last Wednesday of November, the 28th! FREE as always! 

This month's show will be riiiiiiight after the Thanksgiving holiday, which means we all will have been berated by our loved ones to talk about what we are thankful for, and we will have had it! We're spending our time together this month to discuss how UNGRATEFUL we are! 

What are you pissed off about? There's no shortage of enraging things in this world, pick one! Enough fuckin gratitude and mashed potatoes, it's time to get some things off of our chests. Tell us about it! We can relate.

Hosted by Ralphie Hardesty at Cheer Up Charlies xoxo

BYO leftovers